Real Madrid 2015 in descendant mode?

News about Santiago Bernabeu people jeer, boo their own players become casual norm in recent weeks. Reasonable? Logic is clear, apparent dysfunctional in team organizing which hit the peak at the 0-4 loss to the merciless city rival Atletico Madrid. And it becomes hotter during last home game against Schalke, despite a thriling game but a 3-4 loss at home to the team which they thumped 2-0 back in Germany was so unforgivable. Only 2 wins in last 7 games wrap it up.

As a Madridista, I do not expect team to work wonders all the time in the world, but surely the team and the coach have to find their way out of this wilderness. What I was very dissapointed, so many fingers pointed at Bale and Ancelotti to the point some wanted they have to leave. Memory is short unfortunately? Last year we won something other clubs in the world can only dream in their wildest dream, La Decima. Along with assuring win in the Copa del Rey final against our biggest rival Barcelona. Gareth Bale scored on both final games, but he seems now the black sheep of the family? I can’t understand this. This also goes to other players like Casillas and Ronaldo which had given so much to the pride of white shirt. As a fan, need to back the players ups and downs except you are a glory hunter fan.

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