R.I.P. Jack Bruce (14 May 1943 – 25 October 2014)

25 October 2014 – my birthday – unfortunately outweighted by the death of one of my musical heroes, Jack Bruce, famously known as lead vocalist, bassist, and primary songwriter of supergroup band Cream in the 60’s

Jack Bruce which his superb talent definitely cast a lot of shadows on future generations of bassists and vocalists, like Geddy Lee (Rush), Sting (The Police), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze, Black Country Communion). Singing his heart out while dancing his fingers on the bass frets is such a pure magical pleasure and view for everyone who comes to listen and see him. Sunshine of your Love is of course his masterpiece, but he put a lot of works into a huge string of blues rock songs over the years even performing until the days before he finally say goodbye to the world.

I also noted in some interviews, he was unwilling to go mainstream after Cream years and prefer to work much outside the limelight and just focus on the music. But he also wish Eric Clapton – who chosed the mainstream career – well, and Jack surely loves him. One angry Jack in 2010 even stated Clapton is much better than Jimmy Page.

RIP Jack!

Cream 2005 – Sunshine of your Love – Jack Bruce really shines on this concert

Cream – Spoonful – Jack is more known as prolific bassist, but here you can see how his voice is really a gift, he put much of his heart onto it


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