Parapat – Tomok Ferry Ship Crossing Toba Lake

Ferry transport is not only utilised for crossing the sea or strait only. In Lake Toba it is also used for carrying the vehicles from either sides of the lake (Parapat/Ajibata to Tomok). Actually there are newer but smaller ferry crossings in Toba Lake, like from Tiga Ras to Simanindo and a small one from Tamba to Palipi. But Parapat – Tomok route is the most famous and possesses the most number of travels.

The Ferry Ship

Bon Voyage
Part 1 (66)

The management operates 2 (two) ferry ships to service the 10 times returns Parapat – Tomok with capacity could be up to 40 vehicles in at the expense of 1 hour journey crossing the lake. One of the ships captured here already loaded with vehicles

The locket for transaction, see the schedule

The lakeside just before the port. Kids there prepare to swim once the vehicles and passengers already enter the ship, and then they will ask passengers to throw money to the lake thus they could take it
Part 1 (40)

Traffic upon entering the port
Part 1 (22)

We are waiting for the ship to go
Part 1 (63)

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