North Korea vs South Korea in Asian Games 2014 Football Final

Regardless if it has been predicted or not or because both are currently the best team in Asia…whatsoever, it was North Korea vs South Korea in the penultimate football gamees in Asian Games 2014 Incheon.

Rather smoothly, the participation of North Korea on Asian Games 2014 which was held on their ‘enemy’s land’ found no serious issues at all. Kim Jong Un’s official send 150 North Korean athletes plus officers to cross the border, into the country which is technically at war with them (Both North – South only signed a truce back then, not a peace treaty). And as nothing really happen, the North Korea contingent achieved respectable results including breaking world record on lifting.

However it is the football game that was interesting.
North Korea beat Iraq on the semifinal while South Korea ended Thailand presence in the other match. Thus, both Korean countries would go face each other to get the gold medal in the final game.

Tension was a bit since North Korea coach voiced his dissatisfaction with the game’s official approach especially during semifinal against Iraq. Something came out of the blue that the officials for the final might be distracted to provoke a pre-defined result but fortunately no such scenario existed and that final game went in fashion. Players shook hands normally like in other game and the game went underway.

It was a 120-minutes game. South Korea dominated the game which lead to about 60:40 ball possession and many shots, keep North Korean defense at their feet and put the North Korea strikers at bay for most of the game. However a stubborn defense by North Korea led to an extra-time since SK strikers couldn’t find a way to hit the net on normal time.

On extra-time, to a looked-tired North Korea team, South Korea team keep attacking with a non-stop boost from the host fans fully filled the Incheon Stadium. And rather ironically or sadly for the Kim Jong Un team, the corner on the expense of North Korea in 120th minute proved to be very costly as the South finally broke the deadlock with …. stub the ball into the net – allegedly hit North Korea player arm – but nevertheless the ball kept going into the net. 1-0 for South Korea, and less than 2 minutes the game is over.

So that was it, just another football game with no serious incident but maybe a dramatic result as the South won the game in final minutes. Too hard of a result for North Koreans but the South simply played them all over the park. Interesting in what Kim Jong Un would say about this football game tough, maybe he will invite someone like Maradona to boost up the football affair in his land like with Dennis Rodman 😀

And another interesting fact, those South Korea players will be free of a military commitment since they have won gold medals. South Korea push a 2-year mandatory military service for all men in the country, except researchers, soldiers of course, and champion achiever in sport events like in this Asian Games 🙂

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