Simply a Better Love Story than Titanic, Twilight, Pretty Woman, etc..etc.. (Cristiano Ronaldo Comfort Lionel Messi after Copa Del Rey Final 2014)

After the final of Copa Del Rey 2014 in Mestalla Stadium, Valencia which was won by Real Madrid with competitive 2-1 score against its classic rival Barcelona, there was something beautiful.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Baloon D’Or 2014 winner who could not play that game due to harmstring injury – apparently very happy with the win and hugs his teammates cheerfully – came to a stranded and lonely Lionel Messi who wasn’t at his best during the entire game and looked very sad with empty face watching Madrid players joyfully celebrated the win all over the pitch. He circled his hand on Messi’s back and give some comfort words which was refreshingly welcomed by the Barcelona number ten player .

In the wake of continuous designated fierce rivalry between the two magic players that has been established since many many years ago (courtesy of media and football fans all over the world), the picture of them hugging each other so friendly on that pitch clearly open the eyes of the world about how bullshit that rivalry is.

They may never admit that they’re close friends, but IMO since Ballon D’Or 2014, the relationship between them is getting closer and closer – just look at the exchange of indirect words / comments between them since last year, the warm handshake during the recent La Liga’s El Classico, and then finally this event.
Surely a refreshing thing to watch, now can we see both of these magicians play on a same team at least once??? 😀

courtesy of Marca


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