A Good Election – Indonesia Succesfully Held the People’s Representative Election in Wednesday 9th of April 2014

In 9th of April, Indonesia held

In my opinion, this election comes as a fruit of continuous political stability in the country over the years. One of the biggest democracy event in the world ran smoothly without any serious charge or disruption.
Everybody talks about the result, the chances, predictions, and the future. Not even one single threat cause a major unrest. Every parties accepted the result and move on to design their strategies for Presidential Election come July 2014.

(www.detik.com) Quick Counting Result of Indonesia People's Representative 2014

(www.detik.com) Quick Counting Result of Indonesia People’s Representative 2014

Just for sharing, here are the results of Indonesia People’s Representative Election in 2014
It shows how tight this election are, no party have landslide victory (unlike in 2009 where Democratic Party won by significant gap to others). We are now looking how it will burn for Presidential Election, what parties will collaborate, who are the candidates for Indonesian President for the next 5 years 🙂

God Bless the country


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