COLLECTIVE SOUL – Live in Jakarta (JavaRockin’ Land 2013)

Since the last years I could not help myself but dreaming of watching Collective Soul my favorite band, even if the chance is as little as candle light in the windy day. This is the first Western Band I fancied, and even now I could reveal that I have a lot of favorite musicians, Collective Soul is still my first love till today.
For the fact that they have been an independent band since 2004, what can I expect? Yes they made 3 great albums but their status as a non-mainstream band would be an uphill chance of them going to my country… I mean promotors will always searching for mainstream acts in music business, after all they are looking for incomes… And Indonesia is not in Europe or America where all those musicians wandering around, it is extremely far away from both sides of the Atlantic.

But Jesus Christ, miracle happen. Stuck in front of our library’s system, I suddenly saw the news in our local portal. The title says “Collective Soul will perform in JavaRockin’ Land Festival in Jakarta 2013.
BANG!! If it is not in a library, I could have smack the table and scream hysterically. T Gee, I spent an hour just to verify that, and yes it was affirmative!!!

Okay, okay, I could continue my excitement and maybe thinking about putting it in a book but it’s not what I wanted to do in this blog 🙂 Let’s go straight to my concert review

JavaRockin’ Festival is a rock music festival in Indonesia. Collective Soul played in the 1st day as the headliner, at 11 PM in the night time. Prior to Ed Roland and co., Sixpence None the RIcher another 90’s band comfort the audience in another headlining stage with their soft-warming music thanks to the soulful voice of Leigh Nash.

Close to the edge of 11 PM, people start moving to the Main Stage to see the headliner of today, Collective Soul. I recall running as fast as I can to get the place near the hence. I don’t want to lose the moment to get as close to my heroes. We wait about 15 minutes for soundcheck

And bang! Our national anthem start echoing through the area as the sign before the headliner start rocking our land. 5 minutes on, it was Dean Roland and Joel Kosche who entered the stage first, followed by Will Turpin. The Twilight…upss, I mean intro of “Tremble For My Beloved” begin to haunt our ears accompanied by sophisticated lighting effects that truly could be seen from a long distance. I must say the stage design, speakers, and lighting are pretty good. And then enter the lead vocal, the owner of such a great voice of the nineties, Ed Roland

Okay, to make it simple I will make a diary in song-by-song style

1. Tremble for My Beloved
As a big Dosage fan, I am so happy that they open the concert with this song. Although less than half of the audience didn’t recognize the song, it seems like all of us can’t hide our excitement to their appearance on stage. Ed as always show his skill of dancing with the microphone which surely called for cheers from the audience as they might never seen

2. Heavy
When the riff is played, people started screaming as we are familiar with this Dosage hit. Some people including me start jumping and screaming the lyrics, others looked more excited as they were now being entertained by the song they know. The sound is really fantastic, kudos to the organizer for really preparing it well!
At this point I though that they are going to player the Dosage album in its entirety. However my guess was proved wrong when the intro of the third song of the set coming up.

3. Listen
An unusual intro, kind of jingle pop jamming which made me unsure of what they were going to play. But when Dean went licking the famous 3-chords intro of “Listen”, we were cheering again. The famous “Heyyyy” was sung by audience

4. December
Collective Soul really know how to please the audience, they played many hits in the early frame of the show. I said it works, especially to a festival and audience who never seen them before or perhaps just know Collective Soul music recently.
I could not describe how happy the audience are when the teasing guitar riff of “December’ ringing through the Java Rockingland area. And to my taste, the tempo is returning to the original after what IMO a slightly poor version of this song on Atlanta Orchestra Show in 2004 and some You Tube live videos I’ve ever seen.

5. Gel
..and what could be the best subsequent follower other than “Gel”? This popular tune simply burning the fire in the audience, singing together, jumping, clapping. Highlight of the show of course
“Let’s mingle…aha aha aha … and make it well …aha aha aha.. how we chained together..aha aha aha… Let’s gel!! ” . It was like Ed Roland had easy job that night in singing this tune cuz’ the audience participated very actively from the start to the end.

6. She Said
Ed finally spoke to us, realized how amazed he was about us who sang-along to almost every song. He also apologized for just coming to Indonesia lately. He said the band wanted to cool it down right now by performing their soundtrack hit “She Said”

7. Why Pt.2
Began with the steady drum beat for about 10 seconds or more, the heavy riff rocked the roof. I saw a lot of headbangings from men (of course 🙂 ), then I also can’t afford that too, the riff can’t pass you by without headbanging! And when the chorus “Tell me whyyy”, we were loudly singing it together.

8. Where The River Flows
I thought Collective Soul initially didn’t have a plan to play this song, but as Ed Roland said before the song began, they wanted to continue the flow of the concert with this hard-edging song. Although I could see some people didn’t know the lyric, but audience were erupted with the super heavy guitar riff and full bass-drum rythm.

9. Compliment
WOW, I never think they’re going to play this deep-cut track on their first concert in Indonesia. My favorite song, I knew that it was on CS setlist recently but playing that in a country very far away from their home base? It’s a great gift to me, and the audience gave it heart-warming reception too 🙂 I think in this song Ed really sing like he is, I mean this is a ballad and we love ballad

10. Needs
The third single on Dosage, when Ed picked the melodic intro with acoustic guitar, audience seemed to love it. Yes Indonesia love ballads so much, and Needs fit perfectly in the middle of the set to carry some romantic / intimate moment into the concert. We all sang along during the chorus and of course the “you’re all I need”

11. Hollywood
Perhaps unfamiliar with Indonesian audience (after all Afterwords didn’t exist in Indonesia except by demand) but the band perform the song profesionally, and we love the ‘improvisation’ part where Ed invited us to sing the ” ” by Pete Townshend and the guitarist played the intro of Hell Bell by AC/DC. After the ‘middle’ part everybody seemed enjoy Hollywood while perhaps many of us didn’t know the song before this show. A nice pop rock song to please the audience.

12. Better Now
My favorite Collective Soul track after Ross Childress era. And yes I am really waiting for this. It is rocking as always although I expect this to be on towards the end of the show, as many set lists I have read before. The crowd were going, but I saw during the outro Ed had a problem with his ear-monitor that he left the stage with the rest of the band jammed for some minutes to end the song.

13. Run
This is a song that everybody might wait for this song, perhaps the biggest 90’s song of the nineties. As we know it, it is a loud sing-along during the concert, everybody sang their hearts out. The sweet moment was when the music is stop after the final chorus and the crowd said “Have I got long way to run” together with Ed’s acoustic guitar. It was a glowing, heart-warming moment of the show. Simply the highlight of this unbelievable night.

14. Precious Declaration
When the riff is played, everybody cheered out and shaking their heads followed the rhythm of this Disciplined Breakdown hit single. A nice pop rock song to raise the momentum again. It is nice to hear the song you know and you love during a concert, should I say this to you by the way?

15. The World I Know
Many person in the crowd shouted “The World I Know”, “The World I Know”. And the band choosed this song to close the set, as well as with other recent Collective Soul concerts recently. The melodic-ballad wrapped up the mood of the nineties spirit of tonight’s concert, and we all shouted the lyric from the verse to the chorus together with Ed. I saw that Dean and Will looked very amazed with the crowd enjoyed themselves, I mean they might have been surprised about how the crowd of a country very far away from their home country really love Collective Soul music.

16. Counting The Days
I was really surprised to see this track was added to the set list of the show. I mean looking for Youth album here it is like searching a string in the sand, we could only get the copy of the CD by request. But I think the band got the momentum and they start the encore with this old-school rock song. And it worked the crowd out.

17. Shine
And here is the ultimate song of every Collective Soul concert. I think I have no urgency to explain you about the crowd reaction. Mass sing-along with the band were really on fire.


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