Iker Casillas is back (Real Madrid vs Chelsea, International Champions Cup in MIami, 2013)

Real Madrid cherish their pre-season ultimately by winning the International Champions Cup in Sun Life Stadium, Miami, Thursday 8th of August 2013.
Early goal from fullback Marcello and two superb strikes from the impeccable Cristiano Ronaldo into Petr Chech net handed Real Madrid a somehow second-grade trophy but noticeably important to assure football fans that Real Madrid is alive and kicking and what a great coach Carlo Ancelotti is. Media were also focus on Jose Mourinho which is ironically coaching Chelsea, facing his former club Real Madrid (as seen with so many camera focus on that special one during the game)

But to me the most interesting part that never lost a sight of my eyes is Iker Casillas performance, my almighty hero. He looked very young after got his beard and moustache shaved, but then so is the performance. Put on a very reliable and cool show, he stopped so many things with his reflex, including two powerful shots from the talented Eden Hazard, one-hand save of a quick header from a Chelsea corner, and a shot from Ivanovic which he palmed and quickly dived to grab it safely on his hands at the second chance before a quick Ramires hooded out by Ramos.

Well football fans can’t help but wonder what was in Mourinho’s head during those saves (oh you don’t need to teach the camera men to focus on Mourinho expression after each Casillas saves, one is when Casillas skillfully stopped Hazard penetration during one-to-one occasion, the camera quickly shot the Mourinho desperation which he quickly do clapping hands to encourage his Chelsea players – I said this because I thought Mourinho tried to channel the buck of his disappointment into that clapping hands 🙂 )

A video on You Tube (courtesy of ViolaTvSport…) show those Casillas saves against Chelsea. Please take a look.

I really hope Casillas will continue to show what he is really known of so many football lovers in La Liga and with Spain National Team. He is the symbol of Spanish football, future generation will watch photos of him with admiration lifting so many trophies including the mega World Cup and European Cup


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