My Top 10 : My Favorite Websites

There is no day without Internet, I can assure you of that 🙂 . Here I would like to share what websites I really frequently visit and doing activities inside when my computer’s is connected to the Internet.

At this stake, I omit certain website categories like mail system, search engine, online tools, online applications, social media, online data store, downloads. I make it clear that my interest lays on the content and engagement/interactive features of the website, not the function or how often I visit the web (I mean, I visit and use Google search everyday and even multiple times daily but it doesn’t sensibly go as far as saying that is my favorite website lol 😀 ).

In other words, these websites I list below are content-oriented websites which I am more concern with the content and the activity I could engage and communicate with when visiting the websites.

As things stand, these are my favorite websites. As my mood is like roller coaster, I won’t be shy to change it another day. 🙂
Please enjoy…would be nice if you could share me yours too 🙂
This is like my world’s Bible 🙂 While it is not 100% reliable, but I depict this as a Dictionary of Life. I almost could check everything I want to know by typing on that tiny box on the left side. And bang, it displays information that open up my horizon. Of course if I want more, then I’ll go searching from the link provided inside the article and external links that will help me to discover further knowledge I want to know. Many times Wikipedia ask for donations, well I hope someday I could put the rubber on the road for this foundation. At the meantime, well I just want to explore more 🙂
you tube 2
Oh what my life would be without this edge of the universe website? With some types, I could get whatever video that I want in a flick of the fingers.
You Tube is a revolution as far as I’m concerned. It is just so unbelievably amazing that I could get videos that I want and love so easy via Internet. And my long obsessed passion with music find the cherry of the cake with You Tube. This is the tool with what I can easily enjoy many songs, video, live performance of musicians that I love. My greatest thank to the founder of You Tube 🙂
There are many news websites I love to visit like BBC, CNN, our Indonesian local news portals, . However if I am asked which is my favorite news website, I considerably answer Guardian. Nothing special. It is just I love the perspective from where they wrote their article, the warm interface, and the choice of words.
It is an international discussion, a great website. No graphic features, no multimedia interaction. Just a simple forum, someone ask a question, other participants replied to that question. This is right place to me to know about anything, ask about anything. Also, from this site I can learn a lot about many different perspectives from other people “What you think is not the same with what other people thinks
As I am a huge Premier League Football, no wonder this will never pass my mind when browsing Internet. One of its strength lies on the accuracy of the news, unlike those so-called football websites/news-portal decorated with so many hoax and gossips. I could also check the news based on clubs and another strong point, the live Transfer News which are at least have very good ground which ultimately made me enjoy watching the live updates without afraid of hoax, trolls, etc. The Skysports news may not 100% hit the nail on the head but they are close. Videos, reviews, season reviews, quiz, list of ‘the best’ and so many things also add to my excitement.
While I am not actually ‘the first degree’ in doing travelling, this websites helped me a lot to discover many things about certain country and region. The visa information features is also fascinating me as well with the history, climate, interesting tourism objects, and cultural tradition. Like reading a very big book of travelling. It is actually quite interesting to read stories about those things even if I’m not going there 🙂
My own blog. That is why you can read this post. Thank you WordPress for fulfilling my passion in sharing thoughts, stories, and photos. And of course my honored gratitude to all of you guys who have taken some time to visit my simple and poor blog
I am an infrastructure and propery enthusiast. No I do not come from this background at all, it is just I simply love it. And this is the forum that satisfy my hunger to know and discuss about high-storyes buildings, train and railways, highways and Toll road, city development and issues. It is a daily visit to me. Not only engaging in frequent discussions, I also uploaded a lot photos from my local area. Been around this forum since way way back to 2008, my id is @gingerbread_man if you mind to join the forum.
Newcastle United is my favorite football team, the start date goes way way back to 1994 when I was a kid unintentionally watching Newcastle United play. And I will never forget the 1st time I used Internet in 1997 in a Cyber Cafe after going back from school, it was I opened to see all about my favorite team. Years later, of course I have a lot Newcastle United websites and forums in social media I always visit, but I still open everyday and enjoy it just like the first time.
It is a glowing website for learning, where I could learn a lot of knowledge topics in a manner and narrative way. Just like learning from a book, it got chapters start from the beginning until intermediate/advancing stage. Words can’t tell how much have I got from this website. I promise someday when I’ve been established well, I will make donation to this website so it can continue it’s mission to educate more people.

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