My Top 10 : My Favorite Websites

There is no day without Internet, I can assure you of that 🙂 . Here I would like to share what websites I really frequently visit and doing activities inside when my computer’s is connected to the Internet.

At this stake, I omit certain website categories like mail system, search engine, online tools, online applications, social media, online data store, downloads. I make it clear that my interest lays on the content and engagement/interactive features of the website, not the function or how often I visit the web (I mean, I visit and use Google search everyday and even multiple times daily but it doesn’t sensibly go as far as saying that is my favorite website lol 😀 ).

In other words, these websites I list below are content-oriented websites which I am more concern with the content and the activity I could engage and communicate with when visiting the websites.

As things stand, these are my favorite websites. As my mood is like roller coaster, I won’t be shy to change it another day. 🙂
Please enjoy…would be nice if you could share me yours too 🙂
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