My Top 10 : Songs That Always Make Me Happy

Music has something magic. It can burst the bubble in our head, it can bring us somewhere out there we don’t know before. But even if we don’t have time, we can hear to the musics we love while walking down the street, opening our day in the morning sun, go with our coffee and cake days, pushing us while we are working, and everything. One thing for sure, music makes us happy.

These are the songs that always make me happy every time I hear or sing them. It isn’t necessary says that only these 10 songs that I have. A lot more songs, but at least I want to make the Top 10 so never mind. In the other day, my list might be different.
Check it out

1. R.E.M. Near Wild Heaven
I really fancy the jingle style of Bucks’s guitar ‘riff’, every time i hear the guitar intro I just wanna dance. When I’m down, I go to my netbook and open this video to raise my smile again. No I never get bored listening.

2. TAKE THAT Shine
Unusual chord progression for a pop band like That That, but that uniqueness that create a wonderful vibe when listening to the song. And the cheerie Mark voice really lift this song up for joy.

3. THE CARS Shake It Up
What can you say more about The Cars songs? To me this song is what they are, always funny, happy, like nothing happened in this crazy world. C’mon shake it up!

4. DIRE STRAITS Walk of Life
“Walk of Life’ although a reflective-theme song about human life, but the uptempo makes me wanna jingle and tapping my feet and drive my car as fast as possible. Keyboard licks is the greatest part of this happy song, but all the band members put a great harmony to make people clap and dance.

This is simply a ‘night’ song, everything about happiness after the sun comes down. Colored with 80’s techno music, the song is simply calls us to enjoy and enjoy the dark, even if you consider that as the darkness of human life.

6. SUPERTRAMP It’s Raining Again
If you check the lyrics, it’s about broken hearted man whose girl has just left him. However Supertramp was never known as a band about tears and sorrow. The uptempo arrangement, optimistic saxophone and keyboard melody, and Hodgson high-pitched voice make this song another one I always play everyday especially when wake up in the morning.

Typical 80’s disco but it did bit me very sweetly. Crunchy guitar licks and melodic jingles made everyone impossible to at least stamp their feet or knock their fingers onto the table or anything. Everytime I listen to this song, my mind was dragged away from any sorrow and all I want to do is dance 🙂

Sexy and naughty girls, Spice Girls, singing a song about rejecting a man. What can be better than that about girls? Combination of poppy music, great vocals, and straight to the head lyrics describe them as a genius, and I always smile when catching this tune over my head.

This is my most favorite song sung by Dolores O’Brien and I feel the joy and sweet life while looking at the stars in the sky when listening to this song.

10. THE WHO You Better You Bet
While The Who was never known as a pop band, but I enjoy this song very much. Uplifting music plus expressive vocal from Roger Daltrey with funny background vocals bring us something to joy about. No wonder why many Who fans love this song while it is not a real rock song, it is always a fan favorite during concerts. Emm, it’s hard to feel down when enjoying this.


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