My TOP 10 : My Favorite Music Video

Are you a TV or MTV freak? You might have watched hundreds or thousands of music videos in your entire time watching TV. And then comes You Tube that made millions of music videos available and accessible any time you want it…

Here is my Top 10 Music Videos. The list are based on the creativity, the music, timing, and of course the congeniality between the song and the video. Actually I really fancy of story telling concept based video. A pleasure if you could share me yours too 🙂
(not in order, randomly listed)

1. MICHAEL JACKSON Black and White
A very impressive and aggressive song, but the video conveyed the message perfectly. The comedy, mix of some cultural displays, and of course the inevitably stunning choreography from MJ and the team, all blended perfectly into a very enjoyable video music I’ve ever seen in my life.

2. TRAVIS Sing
Young fragile boys enter the room full of nobles and honoured guests for a family dinner in the dining room. Started calmly, they were shocking to see some unfamiliar foods and tableware…and the manner to eat those food. Eventually, after some accidents, the dinner began to disrupt. So here we go, an intense and hilarious food war between people in the dinner using foods and creams.

3. OK GO This Time Shall Pass
What can be better than using a Rube Goldberg Machine in a video clip? The mid-tempo and anthemic rhythm of this song really help the band and their creative team to make a very interesting, artificial, but advanced video music we never saw before. The big point is the impeccable timing of the music and the moving part of the machine.

4. GORILLAZ – On Melancholy Hill
Well it is cartoon for children actually. But the nuance of the song captured imaginatively on a short comical video. And you know it is a refreshing video, I never get bored watching it. The video successfully transfers peaceful and beauty ambiance to my eyes and head. Check it, you might feel that too.

5. TAKE THAT Back For Good
One of the best love song I ever hear, the video adds cherries on my cake. Those young desperate boys, losing their girls, and then just simply wasting time in the rain, dancing and joking to each other. As a man, this simply thing I wanna do when facing a broken heart and want my half of my heart back.

6. OWL CITY Umbrella Beach
A fiction story of a glowing and inspired kid try to convey his dream into truth. He learned and worked hard to make a wood plane, which later he tried to drive the plane flying from a huge cliff with his friends helping(no result is shown, led to each of our own interpretation). His mother watching from faraway, looked desperate (in which I guess the kid pushed his mother early then ran away from home). Heartful

It’s like watching a colossal opera equipped with orchestra, theatrical backgrounds and hillarious acts. This simple video and comical storyline is suitable for our sons and daughters, although the song is there for who really want to hear great music, not just disco or bubblegum pop that decorate the late 90’s.

8. BLUR Coffee and TV
I don’t think a need to describe you again about this video, should I? I also heared that a lot of people love this video despite not a Blur fan or not really like the song. IMO this is the most accomplished story line ever made into a music video. The image of male and female milk box will never disappeared from my head.

A haunting story about suicide initiation that was washed away at the last seconds. Tells us a lot of reason about not to be desperate and keep walking ahead, suicide is never a good way. Very good video made by Kelly Jones, the vocalist of Stereophonics

10. GUNS N ROSES November Rain
I will never forget the moment Slash walked out the church and played that guitar solo alone in the wide empty valley. Iconic. And it is very lovely to follow the story line accompanied by perhaps one of the best-written rock song ever made.


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