What is Stockhlom Syndromme?

A 45-year old runaway man kidnapped 2 young guys to protect him from the policemen who are trying to capture him. After escaping the police baricade by carrying the kids and walking through industrial pipes and a small caves nearby they hide inside an old house, which was used as the shelter for the miners to get some rest and eat their lunch.

With no intention to hurt the kids, the runaway man apologized try to comfort them and ensure that he will not do them any harm and let them go on the next morning safely. The conversation goes through with that man politely offer them some foods he brought from his place before kidnapping them. He also provide them a blanket for sleeping. Contrary to the previous, the kids are now more comfortable and can relax their breath. They even chat with the man about many things including playing some kid games.

Unfortunately at 4am the police found the haven and they surround the old house with guns and lights. The police scream to push the runaway man to go out with hands up in the air. But suddenly the kids running out from the door to say “No don’t shoot him, he is a good guy”. Two police ran out and get the kids to their custody and the other ones get inside the house and track the man, without concerning what the kids screamed before. When they found him, they shoot the man on the tights because he carried a gun. And at the time the man was pulled off the house with injuries on his feet, ultimately the kids shed their tears and cry out loud

The fiction story above (made by myself) is one example of what is called as Stockholm Syndrome. A term that is modestly popular today, thanks to some high profile kidnapping cases and Hollywood films that implicitly included this syndrome on their scenes.

According to some medical web resources, Stockholm Syndrome is a term to describe a list of feelings / sympathy that a victim of kidnappings or hostages of a criminal event have towards their captor/criminals. That feeling grows during the event of criminas and usually started by little chat or something, initiated by the criminal man himself. Usually the criminal won’t do any harm to the hostages except they tried to run away, and the normal relationship lead to the feeling that the hostages will think the criminal guy is actually a good guy. Which in the end will be difficult since the hostages may take action to defend the criminal or at least they will cry and shout to defend him (watch some films about this and you will learn a lot)

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