My Dream Band – Progressive / Jam Rock

If I am a producer and wants to make my own hard rock band, this should be my band :
(the main parameter is that they are my idols and I love their bands too, so one may ask where is Jimi Hendrix or Jordan Rhodes, I will answer them that JHE or Dream Theather are not my favorite bands – but they and their bands are super great of course!!)

Lead Vocal : IAN GILLAN
He has top vocal quality, no argument. In his days, IMO he is the best rock vocalist ever, can sing high notes, medium notes, and low notes so beautifully and passionate.
He os also a very good frontman, always finds time to connect with the audience, always giving some time to make his bandmate into the spotlight – at least by introducing him with admirable words, and respect his fans – google about how many times he did have arguments with security on concerts over the fans

Lead Guitar 1 : EDDIE VAN HALEN
Anyone would want to have God of Guitar on his band, isn’t it?

Lead Guitar 2 : RANDY RHOADS
A guitar hero, IMO he is the best man to stand aside to God of Guitar on concert. A tremendous / spectacular / ..(fill it anything you want).. concert would be if they both play for our money.

Keyboards : MIC MICHAELI
One of the underrated keyboardist as this is quite the 2nd instrument in a hard rock band. But listen to his stuff on Final Countdown, Out of This World, Last Look at Eden, he somehow can made a rock song more listenable to wider audience without losing the metal edge. I could see he would add new dimension to the rocking stuff Jimi and Van Halen are cooking on concerts.

God of GUitars must be accompanied with God of Bass, how would you argue? I could see the three changing parts and duel many times during their concerts

To compliment my dream band, who else could be the possible man to fill the group full of virtuosity? Perhaps the most respected drummer along with John Bonham, 100% improvisations, Neil Peart is the first man on my head to play drums on my great band.

That’s it, it would be thousands of possibilities, but as far as I am listening to rock music perhaps this is the best compilation I want to put. In months or years, thing could be different tough, so it is just matter of time.