My Top 10 : Best Actress

Here is my list of Hollywood Actresses I think are the best actresses I’ve ever seen :
1. Judi Dench
Her performance as M in James Bond series astonishing me. Fabolous display. BUt

2. Julia Roberts
Many comment she is one of the most overrated actress in Hollywood. But IMO her performance is so natural, she can be at any position if you analogue her as a footballer. Okay some of her voices and moans basically the same, but the acting cannot lie. Just check the diversity of her films and how many of her movies are famous and got many awards / nominations.

3. Keira Knightley
Appears as a beauty and classy English women, she always attract me with her acting skill. But what I like is that she deliver her words with passion and style, make me remember Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond.

4. Kate Winslet
Not the perfect body or face, bus she always delivered 1000% of his ability to the films she played. That’s what I can derive from most of her movies.


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