My Top 10 : The Most Beautiful Songs

God Bless Us with so many beautiful creations of music, fill our days and our hearts that make us having all the time in the world.

So, how can I say a song is beautiful? Hard to exercise the words, but I will close my eyes and then start listening to the song, feel the lyric, the nuance of the arrangement, hear the instruments sing, savor the melodies, and let the song bring you to another dimension of world that you might can only taste while listening to that particular song. That feeling is not pre-meditated, it comes across directly when I listen to these songs.

So let’s get straight. These are my own choices of 10 most beautiful songs ever written in the history of music (They are not in order) Tell me yours too πŸ™‚

1. GORILLAZ On Melancholy Hill 2010
Dream a journey to the melancholy hill, that’s what this song is about. The soft keyboard intro, relaxing atmosphere, and simple arrangement with only keyboards and synthesizer made this ballad a beauty despite cartoonish-like video. Damon Albarn is a genius in music and this wonderful ballad is only tip of the iceberg of his talents.

2. R.E.M. Find The River 1992
Filled with minor chords and unusual melody lines in the verses albeit gently acoustic guitar intro (which might explain why it didn’t sneak into Billboard 100 unlike earlier REM singles). But to me it’s interesting and how it gradually came into the major chord chorus with beauty backing vocals really bring my mind to the forest with the river.

3. STEREOPHONICS Step On My Old Size Nines 2001
This country-flavored song reveals a love story about watching an old couple dancing with the woman step on the man’s shoes due to her inability to move properly, so the old man ‘carry’ the woman and they dance together. Harmonica and acoustic guitar add the romantic nuance of this song, not to mention Kelly’s sexy vocal. Try to give it a listen πŸ™‚

4. BETTE MIDDLER : From A Distance 1990
It’s hard not to gently cry hearing Bette Middler with her crystal voice sing this. Minimum arrangement really made her vocal dominated the story line. This song has been echoing since my very youth days and it is still relevant until today, never get aging on my mind.

Originally written by Julia Gold in 1985, Bette’s version is my most favorite.

5. COLDPLAY Paradise 2011
If you eager to know what ‘paradise’ is all about, try to close your eyes and listen to this beautiful song. Chris Martin strong and falsetto voice will surely carry you there. My favorite is the strong keyboard riffs that stands on the top of the recording, it blows my mind.

6. EAGLES New Kid in Town 1976
It tells you story about a new kid in town (yes it is πŸ™‚ ). All about this song is beauty, the vocal, the harmony, the lyric, and the instruments blend perfectly made it timeless.

7. STARSAILOR Born Again 2003
James Walsh vocal itself is a real gem. And when he sing about revitalization of old love, I could believe that it is like being ‘born again‘. Besides, I could not forget the melancholy atmosphere of this britpop ballad song that I always come back to enjoy this video again and again.

8. JAKOB DYLAN Something Good This Way Comes 2010
Stay calm and thinking positive are the main theme of this country ballad. Jakob might look a bit like his father, Bob Dylan, when picking acoustic guitar but he deliver this song with tenderness and I could feel the encouraging lyric inspired me in numbers when I’m down.

9. OWL CITY : Fireflies 2009
Until Owl City enter the music scene, I always associate synthesizer with kind of techno, disco, funk music with a disco bar and colorful lamps come to mind. But from the very first intro, Fireflies down to me like a spacecraft take my body into another planet. Just listen to soulful Adam vocal, lyric about dream, and the majesty synthesizer melodies.

10. ADELE One and Only 2011
Talk about Adele, “Someone Like You”, “.. Fire to the Rain” sure will be the main topic. But this beauty love song really made me can’t help for not falling in love with her incredible voice. Her tone and passionate timbre made the lyric about loving only someone really meaningful. Check it out.

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