Hatem Ben Arfa’s goal against Bolton

It is a special goal from a special talented player.
Hatem Ben Arfa scored a genius goal when Newcastle beat Bolton 2-0. He brought the ball from the backside near the center after Cabaye’s pass, then ran with the ball passed 4-5 Bolton players to the goal and just inside the penalty box when the goalkeeper went forward, he calmly sneak the ball to the right side of the goal…and yes it is, a wonderful goal.
The special point to be mentioned here is that before getting face-to-face with the goalkeeper, two Bolton players tried to stop him before entering the penalty box, but unlike some divers living around us, he gracefully turn the ball and his direction on the right time and right place to put them into blank point while watching Ben Arfa scored the goal just behind them.

After the goal, he ran to the right side of St. James Park and spread both of his hands to celebrate the goal with the erupted Newcastle fans. But it takes less than a minute to all the football fans and the journalist to admit that was a superb goal, candidate goal of the season. Just like Lionel Messi, he is the one and only Hatem Ben Arfa!!

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