Titi Gantung, Medan, North Sumatra

Everybody in Medan and North Sumatra must know Titi Gantung. The name is derived from a cable bridge crossing a railway station and connected 2 streets next to each side of the station.
A very old-fashioned bridge, today many people like to stand by the bridge looking to the railway below and beautiful sight of Medan downtown. Many motor riders also use this bridge as a shortcut..(car is not allowed)

It was a place trading secondhand books with new ones (half of them were bogus). The target market are students (the foremost), lectures, book hunters, and public. A popular place for students from North Sumatra and Aceh, Riau also, it was located on that cable bridge (Titi Gantung)

Nowadays, it is built just beside the Merdeka Square opposite to the railway station. Yes it is very close to that bridge, but now the place is more well designed, safe, and clean. Much better than the old book store which made the old Netherlands colonial legacy bridge looked disorder and dirty…

toko bukuThe book store

Talking about the book store, most of the books available over there are specifically for students. Usually the seller tell a high price when a buyer ask him. And then the bargaining process happened as usual, different to the modern book store in which we can only ‘buy it or not’.
However, we can safely worry about the originality of the book especially when they are not secondhand, but new book. I found a lot of book which were just copies from the original except the cover. So people looking for new books, this place is not recommended. But a lot of old books which may hard to find, book hunter has good opportunity to find it over here as most of the sellers still keep and keep up old books (while they must take longer to sold).
In Titi Gantung book store we can also find a lot of recent magazines and comics with cheap prices..Indonesian or foreign magazines are available..

The place is averagely visited by 1000 people everyday, mostly came at late afternoon. Higher percentage is in around June / July come the new studying period.

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