My journey to Old Hyderabad (Charminar, the market, the streets, the foods)

In October 2010 I went to Hyderabad for AIESEC International Congress 2010 in India, in Indian School of Business. During the time off I use my space to visit the old Hyderabad in the SOuth of the city with my Polish friend, Adam.
It was located quite far away from the North West where the ISB is located. I travelled there by bus. Funny enough I had difficulty when trying to check which bus I could use to reach Old Hyderabad. But after minutes of thinking, I finally can say ‘Charminar’ to the bus driver and after several buses I finally get it. I jumped on the bus at 2.30 PM and finally reach the bus station near Charminar at 3.30 PM.

When on the bus, I got the indication of old Hyderabad by simply seeing so many Indian Muslims with traditional dress and string of mosques on the street, quite different to what I’ve seen in the ‘new’ Hyderabad (people called it Secunderabad) which somehow luxury and has modern life with less-religious aura (you know, malls, fashion store, wide street, ‘executive’ cars, people with lavish coats)

The Charminar itself..


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