Maybe the biggest marriage in the world?

As a young boy grew up in nineties fed up with news about one of the biggest love story’s break up (Prince Charles and Lady Diana), my mind can still remember their majestic marriage with kissing in front of millions of people around the world. That party, even I wasn’t introduced with TV yet, were always shown during the nineties especially when the famous partying ways rose to prominence in worldwide televisions.

So it is now 2011. The most awaited marriage in the New Millennium comes to life in the beginning of the year. No need to tell you about how eventful this marriage all around the world, you must know it better how it was in your country than me.
In my country, almost all the TV stations show everything about the event, and broadcasting every live appearance of the high-profile marriage preparation, including the security deployment and the classic horse-riding. Infotainment, reality shows, and of course news channel all did talks, discussions, and gaining opinions about the gorgeous William-Kate couple.. Yes, everything.. I should have got bored, but instead I am also stood in waiting to see how the thing goes for William and Kate 🙂

The Royal Marriage (photo courtesy of Magnus D : 	  Flickr: The royal family on the balcony)
(photo courtesy of Magnus D : Flickr – The royal family on the balcony)

And even I or my country have nothing to do with this couple :), most of us eagerly awaited for the momentous event. So when the ceremony took place and got broadcasted through one of our television channel, there were so many Indonesians watching that, partially or full. And of course, it came as no surprise that most poor girls in my country dream their dreams about hoping to get a proposal from the young Prince Harry and lucky to do the royal marriage like William and Kate. Pff!

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