Poori, my favorite Indian Food

Eleven months staying in India, I had my privilege to taste colorful yet spicy Indian cuisine. Ranging from North India vegetarians , Hyderabad birianies to the vast numbers of South Indian foods and snacks.

And I can say, Poori is my most favorite food followed by Biriyani. It is a plain simple snack, and it definitely has robbed my mind especially when eating it. How to describe? It is thin, oval, empty inside, tasty, crispy, and blended perfectly when eaten with potato curry. Ehh, just see my pic below..


Usually served as breakfast meal, it can be found anywhere in India as it has transformed into a somewhat unofficially national (popular) Indian cuisine/snacks along with vada, idli, and samosa. From the snack stalls located by every street in India cities, small food centers, cafe, and high-class restaurants. The cheapest, by the street, usually cost Rs 3-5 per piece, and the big one at restaurant usually cost Rs 25-35 per piece, plus potato curry.

However, personally I enjoyed almost EVERY Poori I have eaten regardless of from where I bought it. That’s why I really love this snack. I have difficulties enjoying vada or samosa and other snacks on the street, but not Poori. I enjoyed eating Poori everywhere, even with high-tense pollution or crowds passing by me. And maybe it’s weird but I seemed lost some problems in my head at the time Poori’s pieces were floating inside my mouth 🙂 . Delicious! Very delicious. I never get bored eating Poori

Now I’m back to Indonesia and it’s been almost 8 months since the last time I ate Poori. I should have been searching for Indian restaurant over here. I really miss it badly! 🙂

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