My Top 10 Best Hard Rock Vocalist

1. Steve Perry
The Angel’s Voice. I think it is not an exaggerating praise for such a talented Steve Raymond Perry. His voice is very beautiful especially when singing those lovely ballads. Pure magic, emotion, a very deep voice, and how he melt and play his voice in such a high range to carry with the melody is very out of this world. When singing rock songs, he had such powerful deliverance and bring the audience to nuts. HIs stage performance is also very entertaining, very actively moving from one side to another and communicating with the crowds. Watching him on DVD is enough to make me standstill and listening Journey concert from the beginning to the end.
Best performance : Open Arms, Only the Young

2. Freddie Mercury
How can you argue? I believe he delivers it every night. Powerful, consistent, melodic, soaring, and what else? Queen’s songs actually is simple, but they become so mega when Freddy sang them.

3. Ronnie James Dio
Perhaps the most consistent rock vocalist ever. Watching his Heaven & Hell DVD of New York’s live concert, I couldn’t believe that he was 65 when. His delivers are absolutely out of this world. Well, if in 65 he could reach the top, no need to research his performance in the 70’s and 80’s. If it is not because I do not like his songs very much, maybe he will top my list. His death in 2010 was absolutely devastating for the world of rock music. Rest in Peace Dio!

4. Glenn Hughes
Second to Ronnie Dio in consistency. Check his You Tube videos. How Glenn Hughes keep his voice shining and strong after all these years is difficult to answer. So many high notes in his concerts but he delivered them all flawlessly. One mistake I think he should had joined an established band, because by having a solo career not so many people will know him. Right now he is joining BBM but I’m afraid with his age now the band will not survive more than 10 years.


6. Roger Hodgson
That very high-pitched distinctive voice. A really master of singing.


8. Chris Cornell
A different kind of rock vocalist, who is not trying to be melancholic or structured while singing. He performs the quite difficult lyrics of Soundgarden music and the aggressive arrangement of Audioslave’s music. a very unique characteristic which at first we wil feel unfamiliar, but by the time we can start admiring his talent. It seems in concert, he is the main actor because of his voice which can reach high notes so fluently, a rare occasion for modern rock singers.

9. Steven Tyler
Perhaps the most extravagant singer in the world of music. No music observers or experts will give a warm review about t his singing ability. contrast many of them stated that Tyler do a wrong approach for singing or using false technique. But he never gives a damn about it and continue to entertain the audience all over the world with Aerosmith poppy but rocking songs. Aerosmith is a bunch of damn good musicians but it is Steven Tyler voice that the most interesting thing about this band…hey, where can you find 50-years old singer attract both old rock lovers and young guys to sing along their songs like ‘Crazy’ or the anthem ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’

10.Matt Bellamy
The modern Freddie Mercury. Just manage to watch one Muse show and you will realized how extraordinary a Matt Bellamy is. Playing his mind-blowing guitar skill and also can have a knack with piano, it is his voice that bring Muse to the limelight. More of a seriosa singer ala Pavarotti, he creates a magic in Muse’s music whose concept are about pictures beyond imagination. Hearing him singing Hysteria, is just like caught inside a spiritual palace. While he is still young now and of course wonder how will he do in his 40 or 50, he is the greatest modern rock singer today.


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