Jaksa Street, the paradise of backpackers’ accomodation in Jakarta

Jaksa Street (famously known as Jalan Jaksa)

While this is not a main road in Jakarta, but perhaps this is one of the most famous road in Jakarta to foreign tourists especially backpackers, thanks to huge publication in Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, and related blog and websites about international and Indonesia tourism.. [I]The home of cheap accommodation / lodges for backpackers[/I]

You can easily meet numbers of backpacker squeezing around here, looking for new lodge, finding a place to eat, gathering, enjoying their selves, and preparing trip together. Most of the locals here are friendly and ready to help you. And as always in other tourist places, some people will come to suggest you to where you should stay. But don’t afraid, almost all lodges here are cheap for backpackers pockets.

Somehow I think foreign backpackers and tourists know most about this road than locals in Jabodetabek 😀
It is a mandatory knowledge for Jakarta taxi drivers 🙂

    How to get here:

From Soekarno-Hatta Airport, take a DAMRI Bus to Gambir Station. Just walk outside the airport building, you’ll see a shelter across the first street. Go there, buy ticket in the cashier it will be IDR 25000 (around 2,8 US$). After arriving in Gambir, just ask the security or someone you think you can trust (don’t ask the people around randomly as it will be like in other places in the world, they might want to deceive you). Ask where is Jaksa Street. He should be pointing to the South towards US embassy.
Walking form Gambir Station will take 10-15 minutes crossing 2 big streets, it is around 1 km from the point you walked down DAMRI bus. But if you want to hire ojek or bemo for your comfort, they will cost you IDR 10.000 – 15.000 (if you carry number of bags). IDR 20000 should be maximum, just leave them if they ask more

photos were taken at Sunday Morning 11 AM

Jaksa Street 1

Jaksa Street (2)