My Top 10 Best Rock Frontman

1. Mick Jagger
A natural front man, always moving, always teasing the audience, dancing, vibrating speech, and of course the impeccable charisma. Credits must be given to him for the Rolling Stones stardom. Okay he has none of that sort of incredible voice but have you ever read bad reviews about Rolling Stone’s concerts? His voice was getting better since 70’s but his stage presence is so awesome and entertaining even up to his late 60’s (The Bigger Bang Tour 06-08 is the most successful tour, notice that Mick Jagger in 2008 is 66 years old!).

2. Jim Morrison
Unfortunately he deceased a long way before I was born. But by only watching the Doors videos it is enough to impress me for he was one of the greatest front man the rock’n roll music ever has. The absurd lyric and dark music courtesy of The Doors, he can turn it into a wonderful live experience for all the people coming to their concerts.

3. Bruce Springsteen
The Grand Voice of America. With a strong and passionate voice, energetic appearance, running left and right the stage, commanding the band with his trademark “One Two Three Four!!” powering riffs on his guitar and in,credible stamina I can understand how every concerts of Bruce Springsteen and E-Street Band can last more than 4 hours before the very thrilled and enthusiastic audience. Hey, even I’m not an American I can feel the magic of ‘Born in the USA’.

4. W. Axl Rose
Love him or hate him, the world divided into two categories when talking about William Bailey or W.Axl Rose. Albeit that, he is perhaps the greatest Hard Rock frontman ever.

5. Freddie Mercury
What else should I say about this God? His perfect deliverance actually was enough to convince the audience that the saw a worth-money-spending concert, so I may say if he was just standing still during a concert the Queen live experience would be still wonderful because of his voice.

6. Robert Plant
Who the rock fans do not know the always half-bare-chest singer with blue jeans and vest, and also big black belts that can thundering the earth for more than 3 hours. Standing with full of confidence in the center of the stage like a British Noble and delivering the mega vocal deliverance in front of tens of thousands of thrilling Zeppelin fans, he is the one and only Robert Plant. He is also keen to tells a story before the songs he was about to sing.

7. Chris Martin
Maybe not one of the greatest vocalist, but his enthusiasm , charming, and communicating skill with the audience IMO are the key words to deliver Coldplay songs into new dimension on concert. Ballad, Rock, Anthemic, any type of songs you can see that the audience love those songs and sing together. Of course we can’t forget their songwriting skills anyway.


9. Steven Tyler
He is like a wild dog on stage. Screaming, jumping, duck-walking, dancing, push-up, ‘flying’, hugging, lying on stage, anything he wants. And the crowds love it. His microphone with some colorful scarfs on it is also his trademark. He made Aerosmith music so interesting even if they are simply rock’n roll songs. What would be Aerosmith without Steven Tyler.


(Note : I also wanted to add Angus Young and Slash into my best frontman because of their charisma, lovely charming, and interesting gesture. In concerts you can’t get your eyes off of those guys. However I limit my list for only lead vocalists.)