Our President Comes to India as the Guest Honour for Indian Republic’s Day Ceremony

A nice news about an honoured Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the President of Indonesia was about to come to India as the Guest Honour for 26th January 2011’s Indian Republic Day Ceremony. As it was coincident with my timing in India, so the hype of that news sweetly decorated most of Indian newspapers and portal news. Of course as an Indonesian staying in India, I felt proud about it. Unfortunately because of TCS ACE Global Village in Chennai in the same day incidentally, I couldn’t fly to Delhi to have a gathering with Indonesian communities there.

Every 26th January annually, India always invite one of the country’s leader with whom Indian want to improve a special bilateral relationship. Last year, 2010, the space was designed for South Korea’s President . And this year, the guest honour is allocated to our leader. It is special for the first Republican Day Ceremony at 1951 that was our first President that became the first ever Guest Honour. So let me say it is a bit sort of replaying the history.

As the 3rd biggest India’s economic partner in Asia, there should be more expected from the relatively warm bilateral relationship of India – Indonesia. The gel characterised by a long histories of Indian ancient visiting to Indonesia to sow Hinduism and Buddhism religions, trading between both countries at the colonial era, etc. In term of religionship both countries also have mutual aspect, India is the biggest country with Hindu population and Indonesia is the biggest country with Muslim population.

And the signs are clear, our President not only come for the ceremony but also to check the bilateral Agreement that was signed 5 years ago in 2005 and also to see the agreement execution on areas like trading and transportation. I will look forward for the result of economic partnership between the 2nd fastest (India) and the 3rd fastest economic growth countries in Asia for two years in a row.

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