Country Driving in Orissa..

Living in cities in India perhaps such a worthy challenge. With the people rushing in and out, hectic schedule, party of horns, smells of garbage, bemoaning drivers, pollution, and the cattle..all mixed in one for an incredible experience. One always needs a recovery in the shape of refreshing activities to revitalize the momentum and spirit..

Unfortunately, in my city Bhubaneswar, there is no musical or sport experience which I am very thirsty of. Almost desperate to find anything to comfort myself after three months, I finally decide to adventure this state, Orissa. A thing that I was against to because of the language difference. Means, how can I communicate with the drivers, the ticket sellers, and other people who certainly will be the traditional Indian people who can’t speak English at all. To make matter worse, my first experience going to the bus station, I saw almost all letters are in Odisha, that suddenly I thought I was in another planet for sometime without any clue.

But there it was. My egos of wanting an adventure pushing that language difference issue into nothing. And I enjoyed every traveling I did with bus. A map of Orissa is more than enough to calmly make a schedule of a day’s tripping. I count more than 10 times I went the distance around Orissa districts and villages, from Balasore, Bhadrak, Angul, Berhampur, Puri, Konark, Khurda, Nayagarh…all the places I had gone to without before knowing what are there for seen. I just wanna see them! It is just an adventure..

Apart from the unknown routes and the schedule, I really enjoyed my days during doing these sort of blind journeys. Start from sometimes hitting the already crowded bus, or patiently waiting for 2 hours to have to bus really starting to go with advance getting an empty seat near the window, crushing the muscles of bodies, having no idea about what the bus conductor said (well I just simply gave him Rs100 or Rs 200, depend on how I predict the distance, without knowing exactly how much is the fare), sitting like an alien that know nothing about what people around me are talking, and of course hearing the loud traditional Odisha songs played on the tape recorder.

On top of all that, the most important thing were enjoying the beautiful views from the windows of the bus and carrying my mobile camera and digital camera so I could taking snapshots of every view that I love. I noticed many passengers – who of course come from the low-class society – staring at me maybe thinking I was a stranger because I always taking pictures, but I assume that cases as a part of enjoyment in doing an adventure.