Bhubaneswar (InfoCity) – Chandaka – Barang

Travel : Bhubaneswar (Patia-Chandrasekarpur) –> Chandaka —> Barang
Estimated total distance round way : 22 km
Estimated total time : 5 hours
Going with : Bicycle
Date : 11th December 2010

The day was beginning with cold wind blows that shivering my skin when I woke up. 7 AM in the morning. My early intention was to cook my breakfast because I was very hungry, but then I changed my mind. Deciding to have breakfast in the street food stall in Niladri Vihar, I went there by bicycle. After breakfast, I drove my bicycle to the valley faraway behind my office spot, with that bicycle. Honestly, I was blank of the area I was about to go.All I want to do was only travelling to explore the unknown area (which is my favorite job in the world)

I went there around 10 AM in the morning and the sun is shining so brightly, a far cry from the bloody cold winter I suffered in recent days especially in the early morning and late evening.

While the sun was reaching high, I saw some groups of cows wandering to Infocity area searching for foods. I stopped to capture that moment. The unique thing is, there was no cattle man near them. Then it is clear that everyday they do this activity ‘alone’. But I wonder, where is their home?

I continue my journey, and when I was about to cross the intersection in the nearby village, I encounterd a small truck with some guys sitting there. I raised my hand to them asking for one photos and they were just smiled. Thus, I went action with my camera.

After passing the red soiled road, my bicycle could work easily now because it was a asphal tiny road that we were going to go.

Some 15 minutes later, I found a group of monkeys sitting on some bricks by the road. Certainly, I went having fun with my camera again.

It was a great feeling treasuring that tiny road to an unknown destination. All that I did was only sightseeing and driving my bicycle to extend my experience, my limited knowledge about that Chandaka area. And you know, it was nothing but fun, even if that day was showered by the living daylights.

The journey continues. Finally I reached another intersection. This time I met a big road, a national road. From the
I took sometimes getting off my bicycle, enjoying the view while thinking in delibarition which direction I would go to since both offers their story. According to the direction sign, to the left
is a 11 km road to Khandigiri which seems nice because I can go back to Patia Chandrasekarpur from NH-5 and Main Road via Jaydev Vihar, means no repetitive journey. Alternatively, I could go right to explore again the unknown destination, no idea where the road will lead me to except the information that I would be going North West. After some minutes, of course I choosed the second option for my sake of happiness. I aimed my bicycle to the road and began the journey again.
Prior to that decision, of course I with my camera went action. 🙂


I drove my bicycle again. One hour exactly after my first start, seems the Bob Dylan song firmly placed in my head to describe the situation at the moment “How does it feel…. …. like a complete unknown, with no direction home, like a rolling stone”..

This is me. I forgot to use long-sleeved t-shirt, but then I just wanted to have fun in the sunshine.

Several times I stopped my bicycle for capturing the road and view stills. I took advantage of the relatively low traffic on the roads . Unfortunately the sun was too hot when so I couldn’t stop for a long time. Really missed my hat and long sleeve t-shirt at that moment, what a pity because I didn’t prepare properly for this exhausting trip.

When I reached Barang, I saw some crowded spots. I stopped in a shop to buy biscuits and drinks (a bottle of Mazza- a Mango Juice bottled product). When he looked at my camera, I grabbed the chance asked him for a photo and yes he agreed. So here is the photo as it happened.

After leaving the shop I cross the distance again, there is a railway in upside of the road, and 100 meters from that I tried to climb up to see the railway view. And then this amateur photographer did his job again 🙂

It was at the moment that I reached a point where I couldn’t afford to stop and take a rest. Drink my Mazza and going down the rock hills, 100 meters in front there is a modest big river, which I believe is a child from Mahanadi River that crosses Cuttack city.

After a brief sightseeing in the bridge, interrupted by such a hectic crowd, I go down by the river, park my bicycle near a tree and going down to reach the water. There are some permanent spots there to take a bath (Noo, not me, but the citizens around)

I went down to wash my feet, hands, and face, although wise words kept ringing in my head told that it isn’t good of water to clean my body. But one of the adventure’s law : Enjoy whatever you can get in the nature ^_^

After sitting by the river and taking some photos (which some of them I put here in this post), then I go back home. At the return journey, the sunlight become so bad that I need to stop several times only to protect my body from the heat.

I really regretted to forget to bring my hat and umbrella, but that was the way it was, and no bad feeling left after having such a pleasant journey with my bicycle.

It looked that my return journey is very long. But I kept driving.

Finally, at 2 PM I reached my house again. What a tiresome journey, my face was so dirty that I had more than two weeks to recover from the darkness effects as result from continuous driving under the hot sun. But the adventure, perhaps the longest race I’ve ever done in my life with bicycle, undoubtedly refreshing my mind and the relax feeling still there inside my head till today.

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