My Varanasi Trip

I spent some holidays with my Argentinian friend to a city, a holy city in India, Varanasi.

Before I continue the story, to me Varanasi is the first city of India that caught my attention and impression. In Indonesia we watched so many Indian films on television during the 90’s, but it was a Discovery’s story that grab me to discover a holy city, where the Hindu pilgrims always want to go, with many believes they can redeem their sins by washing their faces and bodies in the sacred water from Gangga river.

So there I go, then I had chance to see Varanasi in the flesh. After some train delays and office works, I met Ana in Varanasi on Friday where she had been there since Tuesday evening. We met at around 4 PM then eventually we arranged our first trip to take a sail with a boat. We paid the old man with huge beards with 100 Rupee per hour per person. We paid him 600 as we wanted to hire the boat for 3 hours. As this is a tourism destination in India, most of the people here can speak English clearly including those boys (maybe only beggars that cannot speak English here)

The vibe is so nice, we waited the sun goes down on Gangga river. Of course our cameras started to be busy, so two of us spent many times taking pictures including ourselves :).. The sunset view was so beautiful, I took a lot of pictures so did Ana. I used the chance to touch the water of Gangga for a long period, something like fulfilling my childhood imagination of Varanasi and Gangga river.

After two hours sailing around the river from one side to another and seeing those traditional activities occurred by the river, now it’s time for watching the Deepavali event.

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